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The GP11 Is Here!

When you race with CFMotorsports, you get a lot more than just racing karts, engines and kart parts. You get to tap into the know-how of Mike Camarra and his years of experience as a podium-hogging racer, chassis tuning expert, and master engine builder. With CFMotorsports you get everything you need to win.

On top of access to Mike, another great reason to race out of our Easton, MA kart shop is that we work as a team. Everybody helps everybody. If you’re a new racer, this level of support at the track is a must. And if you’re an old dog, the camaraderie and new tricks you’ll learn will remind you why you love this sport.

Fast toys, wheel-to-wheel racing, sunny afternoons at the track with the guys. And oh yeah, winning. You bet you want some of this!

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Prepare to Win in 2012

So, how’s your kart? If it’s pretty much the same as after the last race, now’s the time to get to work. First off, get that Rotax to Mike ASAP for a top-end refresh or a full rebuild. Better still, give Mike the whole kart for a complete inspection – brakes, bearings, axle, the works.

A winning 2012 starts now. Call Mike 508-588-2355.

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Northeast RMax Challenge

April 27-29 - Oakland Valley Race Park

NHKA Racing Series

May 12 - NHMS S3 Lot

NHKA Racing Series

June 2 - NHMS Hill Course

See our complete 2012 Schedule.

2011 Review

It was a year of growth for CFM drivers in every class.

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